Pepscan is an integrated provider of specialty peptide products & services, such as custom peptide synthesis and epitope mapping. Pepscan serves a broad range of customers, from university research groups to biotech and large-pharma companies.

In addition, Pepscan applies its profound knowledge of peptides for the discovery of new peptide drugs. Pepscan is specialized in constrained peptides, and the inventor of the ‘CLIPS-constraining’ technology. The bicyclic ‘2-CLIPS’ peptides define a new class of biopharmaceuticals, offering antibody-like affinities and selectivities in a small (<2 kDa) molecule.

Custom Peptide Services

Peptide synthesis

Pepscan is a premier peptides supplier, offering high quality peptide products:

Peptide arrays (Pepchip)

Pepchip contains 1,000‘s of peptide substrates coupled to a micro-array carrier, with broad applications:

Precision Epitope Mapping

CLIPS discontinuous epitope mapping

precisely defines all epitopes (discontinuous, conformational, or linear) and is unrivalled in its single residue resolution. Uniquely suited for

HiSense linear epitope mapping

provides a platform for rapid screening of linear epitopes with unparalleled sensitivity and reproducibility. Pepscan’s array design and detection technologies return maximal results at highly competitive pricing.

Drug Discovery Services

Peptide drug discovery and optimization

Pepscan’s CLIPS and HiSense platforms have shown to deliver superior peptide drug candidates.

Antibody discovery

Synthetic peptide immunogens, mimicking the biologically relevant parts of target proteins, have proven highly successful in yielding functional antibodies and vaccines.

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