High quality custom peptides services, meeting the needs of life science researchers worldwide

Drug Discovery Services

Unique technologies with unprecedented possibilities for drug discovery collaborations

CLIPS Therapeutic Peptides
Peptide Lead Optimization
Synthetic Peptide Immunogens

Enzyme Profiling Arrays

Highly sensitive PepChip peptide arrays for a multitude of enzyme profiling applications

Kinase Profiling
Protease Profiling
Custom Design Peptide Arrays

Pepscan is a premier provider of peptide based products & services. We also offer our profound knowledge of peptides for drug discovery collaborations.

Pepscan is specialized in constrained peptides, and is the inventor of the CLIPS constraining technology. Our bicyclic ‘2-CLIPS’ peptides represent a new generation of biotherapeutics, offering antibody-like affinity and selectivity in a small, fully synthetic molecule.



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