GMP Peptides

An integrated supply-chain from research peptide synthesis to clinical phase cGMP peptide supply

From early R&D to cGMP peptides supply, our team of experts is passionate about devising a customized synthesis plan to meet your needs.  We perfectly assist you in progressing your peptide project through the stages of development towards clinical application and commercialization.  This drive for excellence is what allows us to consistently deliver project results that exceed your expectations – on time and on budget.

Pepscan employs some of the industry’s finest chemists capable of applying their expertise in the fields of peptide synthesis, process development, optimization and scale-up. Pepscan has established an integrated supply chain alliance for GMP peptides with a leading European partner. Tailored to your peptide specifications and needs, Pepscan ensures streamlined process development and transfer resulting in a seamless GMP custom peptide manufacturing, from milligram to kilogram quantities. Operating with strict cGMP procedures.

Our portfolio of clients ranges from small R&D biotech to large pharma companies. Our deep expertise allows us to successfully supply complex GMP peptides of up to 80 amino acids long.

Our approach ensures:

  • dedicated and focused attention for each customer at all time
  • speed, quality and cost-efficiency
  • seamless solutions from early research to GMP peptide supply

Every project undergoes rigorous process research and development analysis. Once we have identified what we believe is the optimal process, we review the detailed plan in consultation with you and your team. Pepscan is committed to being a long-term partner. We treat each and every project with professionalism and work in close collaboration with our customers to plan the synthesis from process development to commercial production.  We guarantee full GMP compliance, QC and documentation standards following the strictest regulatory requirements.

To find out more about our cGMP peptide synthesis, please contact us here.