Neoantigen Peptides for Personalized Medicine

The usage of neoantigen peptides in cancer vaccines is a rapidly growing and highly promising therapeutic field in cancer treatment ¹⁻⁴. Preparing neoantigen peptides demands the highest level of care and reliability in terms of “meeting the specifications” and on-time delivery to the patient. Owing to our thorough expertise in peptide chemistry and a proven track record in fulfilling and surpassing customer expectations, Pepscan knows what it takes to be a world-class partner in this arena.


Synthetically produced tumor-specific antigens, also called neoantigens, open a new route to personalized cancer treatment. Neoantigens are particularly interesting for immune treatment because they are not present in normal tissue. Therefore, neoantigens present a unique and rapidly developing personalized cancer treatment with an important therapeutic potential for patient groups, scientists and industry alike.

Preparation of neoantigen peptide vaccines involve the following five critical steps:

  1. Isolation of a patient’s tumor tissue.
  2. Tumor-genome sequencing and mutation analysis.
  3. Identification of tumor mutational spectrum and computational analysis.
  4. Synthesis of most important peptide mutants and pooling thereof.
  5. Incorporation of peptide pools prior to use in vaccine manufacturing and patient treatment.

Pepscan is a provider of peptides and peptide-based services with >25 years of experience in manufacturing complex peptide constructs and high-throughput peptide libraries. Preparing neoantigen peptides for personalized medication routinely demands the highest level of care and reliability in terms of “meeting the specs” and on-time delivery to the patient. Currently, Pepscan is a partner in several neoantigen projects, delivering high- quality peptides in the shortest possible time frame conform to GMP.


Pepscan’s offering in Personalized Medicine

  • High-quality peptides, manufactured conform to GMP and with the ultra-fast delivery times required for personalized therapeutic vaccine application.
  • Robust synthesis validation, fully-optimized synthesis protocols & purification procedures, stringent quality control, and timely delivery with worldwide shipping.
  • Fast and personal consultation by experienced peptide chemists.
  • Highly trained staff with years of experience in peptide synthesis, design, stability, structural optimization, and molecular recognition of peptides.

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