A company that provides custom peptide-based products & services

We deliver customer-centric peptide products and services by integrating smart science with flexible manufacturing capabilities

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Biosynth (formerly Pepscan) is an all-in-one partner in peptides, building on 25 years of experience in advancing and applying peptide expertise to facilitate clients in the development and manufacture of peptides. Chemists and biologists of the highest caliber make up the team, combining creativity with innovative technologies to produce smart, out-of-the-box solutions. Our unique, small-scale, and lean pharmaceutical-standard processes give us the agility to deliver products and services that meet quality standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.

At our end-to-end facility in Lelystad, the Netherlands, we offer a range of patented technologies, phage display capabilities, a lead-optimization array platform, and production facilities for R&D- to GMP-grade peptides, including libraries and neoantigen vaccines. Among our patents is the CLIPS™ technology, which locks peptides into active conformations. Biosynth also has two additional peptide production sites in the US, including multi-kilogram scale.

With our peptide-based epitope mapping service platform, we also support biotech companies in developing their antibody pipelines. The underlying protein mimicry platform delivers binding insights, even in cases where other technologies fall short.

Mastering peptides

“Solving the puzzle brings me the greatest pleasure” - Jeroen Bouwhuis - Scientist and member of Pepscan's Manufacturing, Science and Technology (MS&T) team.

“What I really like about Pepscan is that we try to serve our clients under almost all circumstances, in other words ‘we rarely say no’. When our sales team receives a request to manufacture a ‘challenging’ peptide, we start to crack our brains on how we can make it work for the client.” Read further

“Being able to discover and develop new therapeutics is what makes me passionate about my work!” - Sangram Kale - Scientist Peptide Discovery.

"I would like to combine my knowledge and experience with Pepscan’s Phage Display technology and team, to take my new employer’s Peptide Discovery platform to the next level, aiming to boost drug discovery and development." Read further

“I’m convinced that collaboration and sharing knowledge are key in supporting our clients to be successful in the clinics” - Anna Degen - Product specialist personalized peptides.

"In my role at Pepscan I am working with companies and institutes focused on investigating personalized peptide therapy for cancer patients. Being able to support and collaborate with these parties to ultimately improve patient treatment is what makes me really passionate about this job!” Read further

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