How mastering peptides became Pepscan’s DNA

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Rob Meloen on how ingenuity and dedication became the core of Pepscan “The power of Pepscan has always been the people: incredibly smart, dedicated and ingenious. Not only in finding scientific solutions but also in operational areas. I believe it says it all that I used to say, ‘No more discoveries after Friday 3 o’clock’,” shares Rob Meloen, founder of Pepscan, with a smile on his face. “To develop new vaccines, therapeutics or diagnostic tools, you have to put a …

Pepscan celebrates 25th anniversary

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Pepscan celebrates its 25th anniversary. The company, founded by Professor Emeritus Rob Meloen in 1996, is now the all-in-one partner in peptides. Over the coming months, we will share stories from the last two-and-a-half decades, starting with our founder, who lay the basis for an important part of Pepscan’s DNA: mastering peptides. We will also highlight how Pepscan developed the first effective peptide vaccine. In 2022, we plan to host an event to toast to 25 years of mastering peptides. …

Pepscan joins Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Cancer immunotherapies stimulate the immune system to (re)gain or enhance its ability to recognize cancer cells as foreign and inhibit their proliferation or kill them. This recognition and distinction from healthy cells can be achieved because cancer cells produce aberrant forms of a variety of proteins, some of which are presented on the cell surface as tumor antigens. Neoantigens are one type of cancer antigens that arise from point or frameshift mutations in the cancerous cells and are often unique …

Meet Pepscan at CPhI Worldwide 2021

Juul Zwinkels News releases

The Pepscan team is excited to meet you in person at the upcoming edition of CPhI Worldwide in Milan, Italy (November 9-11). We will be at booth 18J51 and would be happy to discuss how Pepscan combines smart peptide science and flexible manufacturing capabilities that conform to GMP. Over the last few years, we have made tremendous efforts and investments in building our GMP capabilities at our Dutch all-in-one facility. Starting from GMP production of neoantigen vaccines at microgram scale, …

Pepscan joins Biologics UK

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Meet us at Biologics UK in London! We’re very excited to attend our first in-person event in 2021 and to share our experience in clinically-applied radiopharmaceutical peptides. Visit us at our booth (4) or reach out to Zoran Medic to schedule an appointment or for more info.

Pepscan expands capacity at multiple gram scales to keep delivering optimal flexibility for its (GMP) customers

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Pepscan’s technicians recently installed and qualified a new fully automated two-liter peptide synthesizer enabling production of 10–30 gram batches. This new piece of equipment ensures Pepscan can keep providing its clients optimal flexibility when synthesizing peptides for their clinical or research purposes; it also allows Pepscan to meet the rapidly increasing demand from clients who need peptides in  an upscaling trajectory for their clinical trials. “In the past our peptide production capacity has at times bottlenecked, preventing us from delivering to …

Passion for peptides – The people behind Pepscan

Juul Zwinkels News releases

“I’m always looking for ways to improve,” says Upendo Syikilili. Upendo has been working as a Crude Library Technician for over a year and is one of Pepscan’s employees who recently took part in Pepscan’s Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training. “For us continuous improvement is an important tool to deliver the highest quality to customers and at the same time stay flexible in our operational organization. My colleagues and I focus on ways to make our processes more efficient …

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting® Partners with Industry Leader Pepscan to Accelerate Peptide Discovery Program

Juul Zwinkels News releases

– Companies forge relationship to accelerate peptide drug discovery for next-generation radiopharmaceuticals – – Pepscan brings proprietary world-leading peptide drug discovery expertise and technologies – – Viewpoint to apply expertise in radiopharmaceuticals, chelation technologies and bioconjugate chemistry to accelerate the pace of discovery to clinic-ready radiopharmaceuticals Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc. (“Viewpoint” or the “Company”), a radiopharmaceutical company developing precision lead-212-based α-particle oncology therapeutics and complementary diagnostic imaging agents, today announced it has entered into a collaborative partnership with Netherlands-based Pepscan …

CLIPS™ technology: “Powerful, elegant, and full of potential”

Joshua Valentin News releases

Mastering peptides can enable life-improving breakthroughs in the life sciences. Constraining peptides in well-defined 3D conformations is a powerful method. Pepscan developed a surprisingly simple, yet elegant principle to do so. Its CLIPS™ technology can create mono-, bi- and, in combination with click chemistry, even up to hexa-cyclic formats. “A super powerful tool. We know this from our own work, and it has been proven as well by Bicycle Therapeutics, to whom we granted a global CLIPS™ Technology license for …

Pepscan SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Profiling Services

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Use our peptide array technology, which is built on 25 years of experience, to provide novel insights! Therapeutic antibody recognition of SARS-CoV-2 mutations Confirming vaccine ability to induce an antibody response against SARS-CoV-2 mutations Profiling of main antibody response to canonical SARS-CoV-2 sequences and recent mutations   Schedule a call with our experts for more information: Dennis Flierman, PhD – Director of Epitope Mapping Dennis is an experienced professional with a fundamental biomedical sciences background and experience in immunology, structural …

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