Pepscan's timeline

How mastering peptides became Pepscan’s DNA


Rob Meloen on how ingenuity and dedication became the core of Pepscan “The power of Pepscan has always been the people: incredibly smart, dedicated and ingenious. Not only in finding scientific solutions but also in operational areas. I believe it says it all that I used to say, ‘No more discoveries after Friday 3 o’clock’,” shares Rob Meloen, founder of Pepscan, with a smile on his face. “To develop new vaccines, therapeutics or diagnostic tools, you have to put a …

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Epitope mapping services


Launch of epitope mapping services using the Pepscan method

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Invention of CLIPS™ technology

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Chemical castration vaccine


Development of chemical castration vaccine for pigs based on peptides.

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Antibody development


Development of antibodies using peptides, resulting in the spin-out of Catapult.

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Shifting focus


Shifting focus from research to CRO-CDMO services

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Peptide discovery


Launch of CRO peptide discovery services

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GMP peptide production


Start of GMP peptide production for clinical phases I and II.

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