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Quality Management

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, operating according to strict quality standards

Lab bottle [1]As a leading provider of high quality peptide products and services, Pepscan is dedicated to maintain and continuously improve product and service quality.

At Pepscan we therefore have a stringent quality management system (QMS) in place, which verifies that the products and services we supply meet or exceed industry standards. Pepscan is certified by ISO 9001:2015, the current version of this internationally recognized QMS standard. Certification by third-party bodies provides independent confirmation that the company meets the requirements of ISO 9001. This assures customers that the company operates under a reliable quality management system. The QMS organizes and structures the company’s processes, and drives implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of our product and service quality. A company with an effective QMS will meet customer expectations with greater regularity and precision than an organization that does not.

The aims of the quality management system are achieved by thorough process documentation and an early signaling procedure in case of problems. All documentation is regulated in a quality management handbook containing documents such as standard operating procedures and process instructions. To maintain the ISO 9001:2015 certification Pepscan undergoes regular inspection audits. These audits serve to reconfirm its compliance with the standard, which includes the continuous improvement of the QMS, knowledge of the staff of the use and rules of the QMS, as well as basic QMS components such as failure mode and process documentation.

Benefiting from this regulated environment, Pepscan serves customers worldwide with peptide services of the highest quality.