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One of the world’s largest and fastest growing peptide catalogs

Pepscan is pleased to offer one of the world’s largest and fastest growing peptide catalogs, containing 1,000’s of high-quality catalogue peptides. With more than 25 years of experience in synthesizing peptides, Pepscan is a premier supplier of high quality peptides to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic institutions.  Unless otherwise specified, all peptides have >95% purity and contain TFA (trifluoroacetic acid) as counter-ions.

Our database of catalog peptides is searchable by product name or (part of the) peptide sequence.

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Shipping & Handling

All shipments are processed by courier. If you wish to use your own courier account, please contact us. Shipping times are generally 1 week for all items in stock, and 2-3 weeks when a peptide is out of stock. We will contact you if an item is out of stock. Partial shipments for mixed orders are available on request.