Custom peptide libraries

A rapid solution for a wide range of screenings

Custom peptide libraries are a rapid solution for a wide range of screenings, including identification of bioactive peptides, antibody quantification and epitope mapping. Pepscan is the founder of peptide library technology and has over 25 years of experience in synthesizing peptide libraries.

Pepscan offers a wide variety of custom peptide arrays, with different size, peptide length, purity and peptide format. The size of a library may range from a small set of peptides (<100) to 1000’s of different species, all manufactured using fully optimized synthesis protocols and within a very attractive and reliable delivery timeframe.

Custome peptide library synthesis

Pepscan’s peptide libraries are manufactured on our state-of-the-art peptide synthesis platforms, typically from 2 μmol scale (yields 1-4 mg of peptide) – which is usually more than sufficient for a fast and efficient process and up to 60 μmol scale (with yields of 10 mg of peptide). Peptide length can range from 5 to 40 amino acids.

Synthesis at Pepscan typically starts within days after an order is placed, with standard delivery times of 3-4 weeks (depending on library size, peptide length, and QC level). Custom peptide libraries are delivered as TFA-salt in lyophilized powder form in either 96-well plates for high-throughput screening, or in individual microtubes. QC analysis can be performed on only a fraction of the peptides (typically 20% for class-I peptides) or up to 100% for class-II/III libraries, depending on your need.

In summary, we provide our customers with:

  • A wide variety of library designs
  • Rapid library synthesis with reliable delivery times (3-4 weeks)
  • Yields from 1-4 mg up to 5 -10 mg
  • Purities of ~70% to >90%
  • QC-analysis for 20-100% of the library (depends on order)
  • World-wide delivery
Non HPLC-purified ~70 (class-I) HPLC-purified >70 (class-II) HPLC-purified >90 (class-III) PEC-purified >70
Typical purity (%) ~70% (linear <15 mer) >70 >90 >70
Length (nr. AA’s) =30 =40 =40 5-25
Yields (mg) 1-4 5-10 5-10 5-10
QC (%) 20% standard (up to 100% on request) 100% 100% 100%

Pepscan also supplies peptide libraries with conformational constraints and/or post-translational modifications. If interested, please give us a call to discuss the posibilities.

Antibody quantification

Pepscan’s peptide libraries are also used for antibody binding studies in ELISA. Pepscan has industry-leading know-how and experience in producing large biotin-tagged peptide libraries, offering a wide variety of spacers. Pepscan’s optimized peptide library synthesis process and fast delivery times provide a rapid and complete solution for antibody development projects.

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