Large Scale Synthesis

Expertise and equipment for up to 100 gram scale synthesis of peptides

Large ScaleWhen a peptide-based R&D program progresses successfully, at some point large(r) quantities of certain peptides will be required to advance a project to the next phase in development. To address this need, Pepscan offers a large scale peptide synthesis service. This allows us to work with you to progress your peptide project through the stages of development.

Peptide synthesis at large(r) scale involves far more than simply increasing the quantities of the materials to be used in the peptide synthesis process. True scale-up requires de novo protocol development to ensure the large scale synthesis of the peptide, at the requested quality and against economically feasible costs. With over 20 years of experience, our expert chemists will work to realize a smooth scale-up from first protocol design to final product delivery.

Our large scale peptide synthesis service retains all of the features that are also typical for our standard custom peptide synthesis service, such as guaranteed high purity and high synthesis success rate. Furthermore, preliminary cost analysis, thorough project review, process optimization, and detailed QC reports are part of our approach to ensure the successful and efficient delivery of your peptides.