Upscaling Synthesis

When a peptide development program progresses successfully, at some point large(r) quantities of certain peptides will be required to advance a project to the next phase in development. To address this need, Pepscan offers an upscaling service.

Our fully automated synthesizers and HPLC prep systems enable production up to 10–30 gram batches. The lean processes and structures that are in place meet pharmaceutical industry standards and give us more agility to work with you to progress your peptide project through the stages of development.

Peptide synthesis at larger scale involves usage of different protocols to produce the requested quality at economically feasible costs. With over 25 years of experience, our expert chemists will work to realize a smooth scale-up by tailoring our set of standard protocols towards optimized results for your peptide(s).
The upscaled process will be GMP-ready, enabling the production of GMP batches of your peptide.