Custom Design Peptide Arrays

Enzyme profiling arrays tailor-made for your specific research requirements

Custom design peptide arraysThese custom design peptide arrays provide scientist new possibilities for profiling enzyme specificity and providing new information on enzyme and enzyme-inhibitor specificity. Custom design peptide arrays can contain up to over 3,000 individual pre-synthesized peptides. Pepscan offers multiple grid designs with 1, 2, 3 or more replicates of each peptide spot. Pepscan uses a proprietary hydrophilic polymer surface coating with peptides covalently coupled to the surface using proprietary chemistry.

Our standard layout contains up to 1,024 peptides in triplicate with 32 × 32 spots in each replicate subarray (4 × 4 fields in each replicate subarray with 8 × 8 spots in each field). Multiple custom layouts are optional.

We synthesize our custom peptides for PepChips using reliable solid-phase FMOC chemistry. The peptides are produced on state-of-the-art synthesizers under strictly controlled conditions. Optimized pre-activation chemistry and double couplings ensure optimal reaction conditions for highest peptide quality. Peptides can be modified at any position in the sequence with labels or fluorescent groups, or labeled or capped at the C- and N-terminus, according to the customer’s specifications.
Design of peptides and arrays is supported by microarray experts from Pepscan.

Selected References for PepChip Custom Design Arrays

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