Epitope Mapping Services

Epitope Mapping is one of the key services Pepscan provides to scientists worldwide. We help you achieve your goal with fast, highly accurate and cost-effective proprietary technologies for precision epitope mapping.

Pepscan pioneered epitope characterization over 20 years ago with the invention of mapping with overlapping libraries of linear peptides. Given that most therapeutic antibodies have non-linear epitopes, Pepscan has since then also developed a unique, high resolution mapping technology to determine so-called discontinuous or conformational epitopes. Many leading companies apply our Precision Epitope Mapping to their most promising antibodies, several of which recently received FDA breakthrough status or accelerated approval.

Exact epitope definition is essential for antibody selection & characterization, for IP purposes and for regulatory filings. Our technology is fast, highly accurate and very cost-effective, especially when compared to its alternatives. It allows epitope profiling from single to 100’s of antibody candidates or sera, to help you select the best and most unique, or detect patterns in recognition.

Pepscan offers a comprehensive epitope mapping services package, addressing all needs occurring in antibody or vaccine development.