Epitope mapping

Defining linear, conformational and discontinuous epitopes: accurate and cost-effective

Epitope mapping is instrumental in therapeutic antibody development. It plays a key role in functional understanding and selection of antibodies, IP protection and FDA/EMA approval, and therefore in protecting your company’s interests. In the majority of 2019 European patents that did mention epitope mapping, Pepscan was the company of choice.

Pepscan invented peptide-based epitope mapping. Building on 25 years in advanced and applied peptide chemistry, we provide accurate, clear and directly applicable epitope definitions for your antibodies. Combining our scientists’ experience and expertise with our in-house developed peptide arrays and proprietary CLIPS™ technology provides us with a unique platform allowing us to define linear, conformational and discontinuous epitopes accurate and cost-effective.

Addressing an epitope’s 3D spatial confirmation

The vast majority of therapeutic antibodies have a conformational or discontinuous epitope. Pepscan developed its proprietary CLIPSTM technology to construct constrained peptides which enable the 3D spatial conformation of these epitopes to be addressed. Our epitope mapping platform allows you to identify any type of epitope in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Pepscan developed this epitope mapping platform using solid support with a proprietary hydrogel matrix into which peptide sequences are directly synthesized using robust Fmoc peptide synthesis in a high density. This results in highly sensitive arrays and enables reliable detection of even the weakest binding signals. These immobilized peptide arrays are reusable and can be tested multiple times. This therefore permits screening of a series of antibodies or sera on a single array, making linear epitope mapping a fast and cost-effective option for best candidate selection, antibody characterization, antibody profiling and further development.

Epitope mapping project workflow and process

Epitope mapping projects are managed by our scientists according a workflow (Figure 1). This workflow is build on years of experience and optimized to the fullest for an optimal result. The process used for a project is shown in the second figure.

Figure 1 – Epitope mapping project workflow

Figure 2 – Process epitope mapping

Key benefits of Pepscan’s epitope mapping platform

As the inventor of peptide epitope mapping, Pepscan and its scientists bring extensive experience. In the majority of 2019 European patents that did mention epitope mapping, Pepscan was the company of choice

Broad applicability – linear epitopes, conformational epitopes, discontinuous epitopes, and multimeric protein complexes

Target and sample diversity – soluble, exodomains, viruses, and antisera, polyclonal Abs, purified mAbs, and proteins

Due to high sensitivity (of our platform) even the weakest interactions can be characterized

Reusable arrays and long shelf life – dozens of samples on a single array, cost-effective, and direct comparison of Abs

Pepscan’s team of experts

Dennis Flierman, PhD – Director of Epitope Mapping
Dennis is an experienced professional with a fundamental biomedical sciences background and experience in immunology, structural biology and biochemistry. He obtained his PhD degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and did his PhD work at Harvard Medical University and Penn State University Hershey Medical Center. Next to being in contact with clients Dennis is focussed on data analysis on a daily basis.


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