Antibody epitope mapping – A crucial and inevitable step in therapeutic antibody development

Why Pepscan is the provider of epitope mapping services in 58% of last year’s European patent publications

Mapping the epitopes of an antibody is an inevitable step in therapeutic antibody development. Epitope mapping not only serves intellectual property purposes, but also provides the data needed for antibody selection and characterization and gives the information needed for FDA and EMA regulatory filings.

Dennis Flierman and Martin Ham visited the 2019 Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Conference in San Diego and spotted the latest trends and developments in the Epitope Mapping area. “The value of epitope mapping is becoming increasingly evident with today’s requirements for IP filings imposed by governing bodies. The times of claiming whole protein domains are over. With our custom-designed peptide arrays, we are not only able to fulfill these requirements but the additional information gained from peptide arrays can also be used for other applications, such as assay development,” says Dennis Flierman, director of Epitope Mapping.

Both Dennis Flierman and Martin Ham will attend the upcoming Festival of Biologics (San Diego, March 2-4) to inform US based biotech companies about the benefits Pepscan’s unique high quality, cost- and time-effective epitope mapping technology brings.

Global player mapping 58% of last year’s European patent publications in which the provider is mentioned

At Pepscan we are well equipped to provide antibody developers from across the globe with an accurate, clear and directly applicable mapping of their antibodies’ epitopes. In 2019, 58% of all European patent publications in which the epitope mapping provider is mentioned, were mapped by Pepscan. “Besides the fact that our team of biological and chemical experts is able to deliver high quality results on a single AA-level resolution for both conformational and discontinuous mapping, our arrays have a long shelf life and can be reused multiple times. This means significant savings in costs and time when screening (additional) samples, even years in the future,” says Martin Ham, Sales Director at Pepscan.

Mapping conformational and discontinuous epitopes

“The vast majority of antibodies have a discontinuous epitope, which may consist of linear and conformational (sub)epitopes. To enable mapping of these epitopes we have developed our proprietary CLIPS technology which addresses the 3D spatial conformation of epitopes,” says Flierman. “Many world-renowned companies, from small biotech firms to big Pharma, and academia have applied our Precision Epitope Mapping to their promising therapeutic antibodies making Pepscan one of the most experienced, leading partners in this field,” concludes Ham.

Interested in learning more about our Epitope Mapping services? Visit us at the upcoming Festival of Biologics in San Diego or request a quote for you project.

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