Column purification technology expanded to guarantee short timelines and flexibility for (GMP) batches

At Pepscan, we help you guide your peptide project through the various stages of development towards clinical application and commercialization. To support the growing number of customers looking for mid-sized batches of custom-made (GMP) peptides, Pepscan has extended our column purification technology with a mid-sized column packer.

“This technology significantly reduces purification time compared to the methodology for smaller batch sizes,” explains Richard van Duinkerken, Purified Peptides team lead. “This new equipment ensures that we can keep providing our clients short timelines and optimal flexibility when synthesizing peptides for their clinical or research purposes.”

Pepscan provides a full spectrum of high-quality custom peptide services, from peptide synthesis (from milligrams to hundreds of grams) and peptide modifications to high-throughput synthesis and peptide library screening. The lean processes and structures in place at our Dutch facility meet pharmaceutical industry standards and give us the agility needed to meet our clients’ needs.

“Our technicians also recently installed and qualified an additional, fully automated peptide synthesizer to expand production capacity for batches in the range of 10 grams. Together with our new purification technology, we are now fit to meet the rapidly increasing demand for peptides in an upscaling trajectory for clinical trials,” says Evert van Dijk, Chief Commercial Officer.

Want to learn more about Pepscan’s custom (GMP) peptides? Schedule a (virtual) meeting with one of our specialists.

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