COVID-19 Services – Patient sera epitope mapping as a tool in COVID-19 vaccine development

Pepscan’s Precision Epitope Mapping Platform provides scientists the ability to identify the best peptide leads from large collections of patient sera and to pinpoint strain-specific or region-specific differences in immune responses. This platform is one of the tools in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine to subdue the current pandemic.

“Using Pepscan’s CLIPS Precision Epitope Mapping Platform, we can screen patient and control samples to assess whether distinct epitopes are prevalent in patient sera. The addition of conformational peptide mapping to the traditional linear peptide mapping gives Pepscan and its customers a particular advantage, as linear peptides do not always mimic protein structures well,” says Dennis Flierman, director of Epitope Mapping at Pepscan.

Comparising large numbers of sera samples

Multiple samples can be screened on a single array, which enables comparison of a large number of sera samples. Sera fingerprinting can help identify the best peptide leads from large collections of sera, antibodies, or clones during the early stages of biotherapeutic development. Fingerprinting can also be useful to identify strain-specific or region-specific differences in immune responses. In addition, the reusability of the peptide arrays makes this a cost-effective procedure for our clients.

Pepscan is a full-service partner in the peptide drug development pipeline, including both R&D and clinical peptide synthesis for any of the potentially therapeutic peptides used for vaccine development.

Read further or get in touch with one of our peptide specialists for more information.

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