Flexibility – A combination of skills and facilities

In addition to a team of highly skilled specialists in smart peptide science, our flexible manufacturing capabilities are key to how we support our customers. Flexibility not only allows us to reliably deliver personalized peptides for neoantigen vaccines in very short timelines, but it also gives us the ability to quickly ramp up or make room for additional clinical or R&D orders in our synthesis pipeline.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

As part of Pepscan’s training program, a group of colleagues recently started their Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training. “Flexibility is defined as the quality of being able to change or be changed easily according to the situation. With this attitude we can more easily implement our continuous drive for further improvement and optimization of processes,” explains Anna Degen, product specialist and one of the training’s participants. “During our training, we were provided with tools to describe, analyze and optimize workflows which can then be integrated into our current processes step by step. It’s very valuable in my daily work to add these new organizational skills to my scientific skillset. To complete the course, every participant will use the freshly acquired methods along with our scientific mindset to improve one process in our daily work, paving the way for continuous improvement as promoted by the Lean Six Sigma culture.”

These individual projects will be implemented throughout the organization and, alongside other improvements, will become part of supporting our customers in their peptide projects through the various stages towards clinical application.