French version of Pepscan website launched

To accommodate the growing numbers of French speakers visiting our website, Pepscan has launched a French version. Our website not only serves to inform visitors about Pepscan’s offering, but also is a tool for sharing knowledge around our technologies and the benefits they bring to the scientific community.

“Although peptide science – and as a result Pepscan – is a highly international and English-focused field, we want to welcome French speaking scientists in their own language. This approach fits with the ‘personal touch’ that characterizes Pepscan’s way of working,” says Hans de Backer, Pepscan’s CEO.

“Being based in the Netherlands means having the European scientific community at our doorstep. As a renowned specialist in peptide science for 25 years, we see it as our purpose to serve this community, not only with smart peptide science and our flexible manufacturing capabilities, but also with our insights into what therapeutic peptides and our technologies can bring to this community.”

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