Passion for peptides – Full focus on quality and smart science

In Pepscan’s cleanroom, peptides are tailored to our customer’s needs and specifications. Through streamlined project management and strict GMP-compliant procedures, rapid and high-quality clinical peptide manufacturing is ensured.

Dennis Lub is one of the members of Pepscan’s cleanroom team. “Together with the other team members, we make sure that all manufacturing steps performed in the cleanroom, like purification with dedicated columns, freeze drying, and aliquoting, comply with our procedures, meet our quality standards, and are documented in batch records with data integrity safeguarded. What I like about Pepscan is that continuous improvement is part of our organizational culture. For example, based on our experience we’ve set-up best practice templates for the different processes, analytical methods, and documentation. This has resulted in a large reduction of development efforts and time – and in flexibility, which our customers benefit from.”

Making an impact is what makes us really dedicated

“Working in the cleanroom makes you extra aware of the impact of your work. The product you’re working on is meant to be administered to a patient and will have a significant impact on lives. This is an extra element in my daily job that I’m specifically fond off, and makes me and my colleagues really dedicated to our work and delivering quality,” says Lub.

Pepscan employs some of the industry’s finest chemists capable of applying their expertise in the fields of peptide synthesis, scaling up, and analysis. “At Pepscan, the complete therapeutic pipeline, from discovery to GMP production, is under one roof. Since we are a relatively small organization with short communication lines, I’m able to easily learn from my colleagues. Specifically, organic chemistry has my interest. I compare organic chemistry with a set of Lego blocks. It is amazing to see how my colleagues are able to put all these blocks in such an order that powerful new or optimized peptides become ready for their next step in the pipeline towards the cleanroom and the patient.”

Want to learn more about how Pepscan could contribute to making your clinical trial a success story? Contact Sjoerd Koolschijn for more information.


Sjoerd Koolschijn – Peptide Services Representative

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