Passion for peptides – The people behind Pepscan

“I’m a generalist working at the interface of chemistry, biology and physics”

Velten Horn started working for Pepscan at the beginning of this year. “Shortly after joining Pepscan I was awarded my PhD at Leiden University. There I studied protein-protein and peptide-protein interactions on a structural level with a wide range of biophysical and computational techniques.” Velten recently transferred to Pepscan’s Department of Epitope Mapping working as a Scientist. “It is a perfect fit,” he recalls.

Velten is originally from Germany, where he completed his Master’s degree in Chemistry at Technische Universität Darmstadt. “During my academic career I worked in various fields. I utilized my specialization in physical chemistry, especially NMR spectroscopy, to study biological systems. On my way from chemistry through physics until biology, I’ve learned the theoretical and practical application of many techniques in both analysis and synthesis. This journey was extended by using computational structural biology to further facilitate my research.”

“These experiences have made me a generalist working at the interface of chemistry, biology and physics. Working for Pepscan, I can combine all of this on a daily basis and contribute to the development of new treatments besides understanding the underlying systems.”

Pepscan’s Epitope Mapping service provides customers with accurate, clear and directly applicable epitope definitions for their antibodies. “I’m an expert in the identification of binding epitopes between peptide and protein substrates. We invented and developed 3D conformational protein mimicking technology in-house so we can better support our clients with strengthening their patent applications, regulatory filings and selection and characterization of antibodies.” Pepscan has been the company of choice in 49% of all post-2014 IP filings where the epitope mapping company is mentioned.

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