Passion for peptides – The people behind Pepscan

“Being able to discover and develop new therapeutics is what makes me passionate about my work!”

“In the upcoming period I would like to combine my knowledge and experience with Pepscan’s Phage Display technology and team, to take my new employer’s Peptide Discovery platform to the next level, aiming to boost drug discovery and development,” says Sangram Kale, who recently started as Scientist at Pepscan.

Sangram originally comes from India, where he completed his Master and PhD degrees in Organic Chemistry at the University of Pune. “While I was working on peptide synthesis and characterization and medicinal chemistry, I was always interested in looking for a way to make my work applicable and usable for solving actual problems.” After working for the National Chemical Laboratory in Pune, Sangram moved to Europe and started working as a postdoctoral researcher in the research groups of Prof. Christian Heinis at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Nature Chemistry and Science Advances publications

“While working in Switzerland I focused on the development of two new platform technologies for early drug discovery: double bridge peptide-phage display and traceless high-throughput screening.” Both developments resulted in two high-impact factor publications in respected scientific journals:

Nature Chemistry: Cyclization of peptides with two chemical bridges affords large scaffold diversities

Science Advances: Thiol-to-amine cyclization reaction enables screening of large libraries of macrocyclic compounds and the generation of sub-kilodalton ligands

“Following up on my position in Lausanne, I started working at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research with Prof. Kai Johnsson. Here I have contributed to establishing the platform for the development of safe drugs against pain and inflammation using protein-peptide phage display.”

Discovery and development expertise

Recently, Sangram started working in Pepscan’s peptide discovery department. “I’m really excited about this new challenge, since my experience seamlessly fits Pepscan’s phage display discovery platform. This provides me with a direct opportunity to work with my colleagues on the further advancement of our technology and platform and facilitate Pepscan’s customers in the discovery and development of new therapeutics.

About Pepscan’s phage display CLIPSTM technology

Discover the best fitting peptides for your protein and kick-start your peptide drug development process with our phage display CLIPSTM technology. Built on 25 years of experience in advancing and applying peptide expertise, our platform generates highly-constrained peptides with enhanced affinity, selectivity and proteolytic stability. Our proprietary technology explores DNA-encoded peptide libraries exceeding billions of different scaffold-peptide combinations, significantly improving your chance of finding peptides with higher affinity and specificity, due to a more thorough exploration of the conformational space.

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