Passion for peptides – The people behind Pepscan

“Our drive to move forward combined with a positive spirit and creativity are important assets”

“As an employee of Pepscan for almost 15 years, I have worked on several challenges regarding Pepscan’s continuous drive for development and improvement. I’m glad that we also overcame our latest challenge: providing our customers with on-schedule and high-quality deliveries while working under COVID-19 guidelines,” says Richard van Duinkeren, Team Lead Analytics at Pepscan.

Keeping up the pace and delivery schedules

As soon as the seriousness of the COVID-19 crisis became clear, Pepscan implemented a set of measures to provide the necessary protections to keep its personnel safe and the facility operational. “We are working in two shifts spread over the day. Only the scientists that are absolutely necessary for operational continuation are working from our facility at a strict and safe distance from one another.” That this approach has been implemented successfully is clear when looking at the figures. “Although this crisis is asking a lot of our employees’ flexibility, the dedication of all of my Pepscan colleagues has meant that we’ve been able to keep up our regular pace and deliver on schedule for the past few weeks,” says Richard proudly.

Working on patient treatments

“Being able to support scientists and companies in providing patient treatments and research projects is what I like about my job. In 2005, I started working at Pepscan after finishing my degree in Organic Chemistry at the Hogeschool of Utrecht. Over the years, Pepscan has been continuously in transformation to become the expert partner in peptide discovery, development and clinical production that we are today.

“Since the analytical department has such a pivotal role in our company, we have been part of this exciting process on several fronts. Our department’s role is to make sure a product of the highest quality is delivered on schedule to our customers. With that comes the search for a perfect balance between quality and productivity. Luckily, I’m working with a highly skilled and ambitious team, so together we’ve managed to develop a process that fits the need to deliver the best way possible and remain flexible at the same time.”

Drive to move forward, positive spirit and creativity

“I’m certain that this drive to move forward, combined with a positive spirit and the ability to creatively look for solutions that best fit the situation and our client’s needs and wishes, are not only my team’s but also Pepscan’s most important assets – to continuously deliver clinical peptides of the highest quality and provide transformative discovery and development services.”

Learn more about our R&D and GMP peptide synthesis services or get in touch with one of our peptide specialists for more information.

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