Passion for peptides – The people behind Pepscan

“I’m convinced that collaboration and sharing knowledge are key in supporting our clients to be successful in the clinics.”

The market for personalized neoantigen peptide cancer vaccines is very young. Currently there are about 20-30 clinical trials running worldwide and one of the first Phase I trials finished recently. Results for this new approach of cancer treatment are very promising and more studies are started up at a quick rate. Pepscan, as the manufacturer of neoantigen peptides and working with various customers on 3 continents on projects in various stages (conceptual, feasibility, trial), is at the forefront of this field. Recently Anna Degen started as Product Specialist for personalized peptides.

Contributing to the development of new ways to treat cancer

“As a trained biochemist and molecular biologist, I have been working with peptides and proteins throughout my career.  This new role fits like a glove because it allows me to apply my skills, scientific expertise and collaborate closely with colleagues,” says Anna enthusiastically. “After completing my master degree at Heidelberg University in Germany I earned my PhD at the German Cancer Research Centre. In my new role at Pepscan I am working with companies and institutes focused on investigating personalized peptide therapy for cancer patients. Being able to support and collaborate with these parties to ultimately improve patient treatment is what makes me really passionate about this job!”

Experience on three continents

“Although the field of neoantigen peptides is still very young, we are already quite experienced in it thanks to the conceptual, feasibility and clinical trial projects we’ve already carried out on this topic. This provides us with the great benefit of being able to support and truly fulfill the role of a reliable and knowledgeable partner for companies and institutes active in this new field of cancer treatment. I am convinced that collaborating and exchanging knowledge are key in defining a project’s success and look forward to bring this to fruition with our current and future clients.”

About Pepscan and personalized neoantigen peptides

Pepscan is able to guide and timely provide you with personalized neoantigen peptides of the highest quality for application in your clinical trial (phase I & II). Building on our role as critical partner in multiple personalized neoantigen peptide clinical trials and 25 years of experience in advancing and applying peptide expertise, we know what it takes to be a world-class partner at the frontline of breakthrough developments in cancer therapies. Flexibility is an integral part of both our team and our workflows, including a redundantly set-up, GMP-graded facility. As a result, we can reliably deliver individual neoantigen peptides as well as peptide pools in as little as four weeks. Pepscan is rapidly building a strong position in the supply of (pools of) personalized peptides for neoantigen vaccines and aims to become a world leader in this field.

Interested in learning more about what Pepscan has to offer for your clinical trial in the field of personalized neoantigen peptide vaccines? Get in touch with Anna Degen:

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