Pepscan at Immuno-Oncology Summit/TMB & Neoantigen Stream

“A great opportunity to share our knowledge and experience!”

The battle to outsmart cancer isn’t won yet. Scientists are continuously looking for new and better approaches to tackle this disease. Cancer treatment with a personalized neoantigen peptide vaccine is a rising star among these approaches. Recently Pepscan has positioned itself as a critical partner in several collaborative clinical trials with these personalized anti-cancer vaccines. “The neoantigen supply chain is focused on efficiency and speed. To meet this need, we have perfected and optimized our internal workflows and GMP capacity to the fullest,” says Anika Jonker, product specialist at Pepscan.

“However, since we are part of a chain of events the real success is defined by the robustness and optimization of interactions between the various players in this chain. We have developed best practices for these interactions with our customers but it is great to learn how others are dealing with these challenges and to learn about the different developments taking place over the whole spectrum of events.”

Recently Jonker and her colleague Evert van Dijk, Chief Commercial Officer, visited the Immuno-Oncology Summit/TMB & Neoantigen Stream in London. “It is amazing to learn from others who are active in this highly innovative field,” said van Dijk. “This conference also provided a great opportunity to share our own knowledge about the neoantigen peptide production process with vaccine developers who are looking for ways to outsmart cancer!”

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