Pepscan celebrates 25th anniversary

Pepscan celebrates its 25th anniversary. The company, founded by Professor Emeritus Rob Meloen in 1996, is now the all-in-one partner in peptides. Over the coming months, we will share stories from the last two-and-a-half decades, starting with our founder, who lay the basis for an important part of Pepscan’s DNA: mastering peptides. We will also highlight how Pepscan developed the first effective peptide vaccine. In 2022, we plan to host an event to toast to 25 years of mastering peptides.

Pepscan was founded in 1996 by Rob Meloen. For 25 years, Pepscan has continuously differentiated itself as a frontrunner at both the scientific and operational levels. The company’s first in-house developed technology, the Pepscan for mapping an antibody’s epitopes, still plays an important role in the development of therapeutic antibodies. The first effective peptide vaccine, developed by Pepscan, has been the starting point of a still-evolving field, and the discovery of (multi)cyclic peptides, Pepscan’s proprietary technology, formed the basis for a completely new therapeutic area.

“I am excited and very proud to celebrate our company’s anniversary and share the highlights of the past 25 years, which make Pepscan what it is today. Diving deeper into Pepscan’s history makes me proud of how profoundly the will to enable life-improving breakthroughs by mastering peptides is embedded in our organization, today and 25 years ago,” says Hans de Backer, CEO of Pepscan. “Celebrating an anniversary is about celebrating the past, but also the future. The coming 25 years will be as exciting as the last, with many more highlights to come.”

“No more new inventions after Friday 3 o’clock was something I used to say in Pepscan’s early days,” shares Rob Meloen, founder of Pepscan. “It is amazing to see how Pepscan has evolved in 25 years from a research organization into a full-fledged peptide CDMO, with the complete pipeline from discovery to supply under one roof. I see the same dedication and scientific creativity as in our early days, which leaves me certain that Pepscan’s smart peptide science will drive many more new therapies.”


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