Pepscan joins Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit

Cancer immunotherapies stimulate the immune system to (re)gain or enhance its ability to recognize cancer cells as foreign and inhibit their proliferation or kill them. This recognition and distinction from healthy cells can be achieved because cancer cells produce aberrant forms of a variety of proteins, some of which are presented on the cell surface as tumor antigens. Neoantigens are one type of cancer antigens that arise from point or frameshift mutations in the cancerous cells and are often unique per patient.

Neoantigens can be predicted or experimentally identified and then targeted in immunotherapy. In the case of peptide-based vaccines, the immune cells are unleashed by checkpoint inhibitors and/or adjuvants and directed towards the cancer cells via the chemically synthesized neoantigens.

Pepscan has a proven track record as a globally active neoantigen supplier: from GMP-compliant peptide pools to large crude or purified peptide libraries, for applications ranging from:

  • Personalized anti-cancer vaccines
  • Training cell-based immunotherapies, e.g. stimulating T-cells
  • Pre- or post-therapeutic target validation

Robust timelines, extensive track-record and redundant set-up in our all-in-one facility make us the reliable personalized peptide supplier

Preparing neoantigen peptides demands the highest level of care and reliability in terms of tailoring to patient specifications and timely delivery for treatment. Owing to our thorough expertise in peptide chemistry and our role as critical partner in multiple preclinical and clinical trials, Pepscan knows what it takes to succeed in this field.


Ardigen, ImmuMap and Pepscan kick off collaboration for T-cell receptor discovery
Pepscan will leverage its 25 years of experience in peptide synthesis to deliver large quantities of custom neoantigen peptides that meet ImmuMap’s quality requirements for successful ELISpot analysis in short timelines. Read further

Want to know how your project can benefit from our experience in delivering personalized peptides for clinical trials around the world? Get in touch with our colleague Anna Degen, PhD, for example at the upcoming Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit.

Anna Degen – Product specialist personalized peptides

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