Pepscan Webinar: Next generation peptide discovery

Learn about Pepscan’s phage display technology used to discover highly constrained peptides with enhanced affinity, selectivity and proteolytic stability.

April 2nd – 16.00 CEST – 10.00 ET – 7.00 PT

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We invite you to join our upcoming webinar featuring Pepscan experts Prof. Peter Timmerman and Dr. Michael Goldflam sharing their expertise on de novo discovery of the best peptide binders for your target protein of interest.  This webinar will discuss Pepscan’s proprietary phage display CLIPSTM technology platform, which is largely built on many years of experience in advancing and applying peptide expertise. The webinar will be focusing on:

  • The opportunities our platform offers to researchers in the field of peptide discovery, from both a scientific as well as a technological perspective
  • The power of CLIPSTM, how the use of different scaffolds results in significantly different peptides in terms of affinity and selectivity
  • All topics will be supported by several case studies.

Phage Display Case Study Preview

Mimotope peptides selected from phage libraries can be used as capture reagents for immunoassay detection of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). “Previous attempts by Abreos, independent of Pepscan, to identify peptide-binders from 7-mer and 12-mer linear peptides and C7C and 7C7C7 SS-looped peptide libraries did not yield any hits that showed reproducible binding in ELISA,” notes Dr. Michael Goldflam, Director of Peptide Discovery at Pepscan. “As an alternative strategy, we used a monocyclic phage library encoding for a randomized 10-mer peptide sequence flanked by two cysteines (ACXXXXXXXXXXCG) linked via various different CLIPSTM-scaffolds in order to sample the conformational peptide space more efficiently. This led to identifyCLIPSTM-peptide binders (VeritopesTM) binding to Infliximab (brandname RemicadeTM), a therapeutic mAb indicated to treat autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Crohn’s Disease.”

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