Tetracyclic peptides via a novel ‘Triple-C locking’ technology

Congratulations to our scientists!

Pepscan’s scientists have developed a brand-new technology for the synthesis of highly constrained tetracyclic peptides in a collaborative project together with the University of Amsterdam, EnzyPep B.V. and Maastricht University. The method is based on the cyclization of linear peptides via a one-pot ‘Triple-C (CEPS/CLIPS/CuAAC) locking’ procedure, thereby enabling the general and facile production of isomerically pure tetracyclic peptides. The authors have reported their findings in the peer-reviewed journal ChemBioChem.

Tetracyclic Peptide and / or Cyclized Peptide

The authors believe that the novel ‘Triple-C locking’ technology further enhances the toolbox for engineering multicyclic peptides and subsequently supports the development of therapeutic multicyclic peptides.

More information can be found in the main article: Richelle et al.: A One‐Pot “Triple‐C” Multicyclization Methodology for the Synthesis of Highly Constrained Isomerically Pure Tetracyclic Peptides, 2018, https://doi.org/10.1002/cbic.201800346