Our work

Looking for the best constrained peptide binders for your target protein of interest?

Our peptide discovery experts apply Pepscan’s proprietary peptide technologies, peptide chemistry expertise and our strong track record in contract research and R&D collaborations in our comprehensive peptide drug discovery service. Pepscan’s business model for peptide discovery projects is fee-for-service, including several options for success-based fees.

We provide the complete CLIPSTM peptide discovery pipeline under one roof in our facility in the Netherlands. Our services include hit validation, binding-site identification and lead optimization on proprietary peptide arrays, as well as R&D and clinical peptide synthesis. Our highly trained staff has years of experience in peptide display, synthesis, design, optimization and the molecular recognition of peptides, and will guide and support you in your peptide discovery journey.

The companies we’ve been working for

Our team has worked for amongst others: Novartis, Leo Pharma , Abreos Biosciences and Viewpoint on their peptide discovery projects.

Case: Abreos - Discovery of CLIPS-binders to anti-TNFa mAb’s using Phage Display Libraries