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Personalized Peptides

Robust timelines, extensive knowledge and experience and redundant set-up in our all-in-one facility make us the reliable personalized peptide supplier

The usage of synthetically produced tumor-specific neoantigen peptides in cancer vaccines is a rapidly growing and highly promising therapeutic field in cancer treatment. Preparing neoantigen peptides demands the highest level of care and reliability in terms of tailoring to the patient’s specifications and timely delivery for their care. Owing to our thorough expertise in peptide chemistry and our role as critical partner in multiple clinical trial projects, Pepscan knows what it takes to be a world-class partner in this field.

Reliable delivery of individual or pooled peptide sets in as little as three to four weeks

Currently, Pepscan is supplying partners with peptide pools in various clinical neoantigen projects. We have built a proven track record in timely delivery of neoantigen peptides within a clinical context. Flexibility is an integral part of our GMP-graded (phase 1 and 2) state-of-the art facility’s workflows resulting in reliable delivery of sets of individual peptides in as little as three weeks. Pooled sets are delivered in four weeks.

A typical personalized neoantigen vaccine value chain starts with a biopsy and ends with patient treatment. Pepscan fulfills the role of peptide supplier in this chain. These high-quality, personalized peptides are based on computational analysis.


Key benefits of Pepscan’s personalized peptides offering

Save time thanks to our robust timelines, rooted in our long track record in peptide synthesis combined with the flexibility of an experienced team at an all-in-one facility in the Netherlands. We offer: