How epitope mapping at Pepscan became a way to identify a disease’s Achilles’ heel

Joshua Valentin News releases

Hans Langedijk on dedication and persistence in scientific research “First, we need to understand a disease before we can take the step towards discovery and development of a treatment. To gain functional understanding of the disease mechanisms of pathogens, such as viruses, a lot of data is needed. And that’s exactly what the Pepscan epitope mapping method has to offer,” says Hans Langedijk, former Senior Scientist and Project Leader at Pepscan. After receiving his master’s degree in Chemistry from the …

Pepscan continues to supply personalized peptide pools for Evaxion’s upcoming phase IIb trial after successful completion of phase I/IIa

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Pepscan, the all-in-one peptide service provider with proprietary constraining technologies, is excited to announce that its specialists will manufacture the personalized peptide pools for the treatment of cancer patients in Evaxion’s phase IIb trial. Evaxion Biotech, a clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of AI-driven immunotherapies to improve the lives of patients with cancer and infectious diseases, recently published the initial results of the peptide-based personalized therapy EVX-01 in patients with metastatic melanoma in the open access, peer-reviewed journal …

How continuous improvement resulted in unique peptide library technology

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Wim Schaaper (PhD) on early improvement engineering “Which opportunities do we see that would further improve our peptide library technology and make it even more effective? This was a returning topic on the Pepscan agenda and for me personally a very nice challenge to work on,” says Wim Schaaper, Senior Scientist at Pepscan from 2001 till his retirement in 2017. Currently Pepscan has, as many companies, a team of improvement engineers. Wim Schaaper is considered the companies’ first improvement engineer, …

Pepscan announces research collaboration with Fusion Pharmaceuticals to discover and develop peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Pepscan, the all-in-one peptide service provider with proprietary peptide constraining technologies, today announced a strategic research collaboration with Fusion Pharmaceuticals to discover novel, peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of various solid tumors. Pepscan’s unique CLIPS™ phage display platform will screen billions of peptides to discover highly constrained de novo peptides with enhanced affinities, selectivities, and proteolytic stabilities. “We are pleased to partner with Pepscan, a global leader in peptide discovery with a platform that will enable us to create novel, …

Column purification technology expanded to guarantee short timelines and flexibility for (GMP) batches

Juul Zwinkels News releases

At Pepscan, we help you guide your peptide project through the various stages of development towards clinical application and commercialization. To support the growing number of customers looking for mid-sized batches of custom-made (GMP) peptides, Pepscan has extended our column purification technology with a mid-sized column packer. “This technology significantly reduces purification time compared to the methodology for smaller batch sizes,” explains Richard van Duinkerken, Purified Peptides team lead. “This new equipment ensures that we can keep providing our clients …

How the first effective peptide vaccine was developed at Pepscan

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Jan Langeveld (PhD) on how luck, international collaboration and “pur sang” research led to success. In 1990, Jan Langeveld joined forces with Rob Meloen, who later became Pepscan’s founder but at the time was working for the Institute for Animal Science and Health in Lelystad. For Langeveld, the Pepscan technique seemed a quick and cheap way to unravel antibody specificity, and represented a revolution in our understanding of protein structure and function. At the time, Meloen was also expecting progress …

How mastering peptides became Pepscan’s DNA

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Rob Meloen on how ingenuity and dedication became the core of Pepscan “The power of Pepscan has always been the people: incredibly smart, dedicated and ingenious. Not only in finding scientific solutions but also in operational areas. I believe it says it all that I used to say, ‘No more discoveries after Friday 3 o’clock’,” shares Rob Meloen, founder of Pepscan, with a smile on his face. “To develop new vaccines, therapeutics or diagnostic tools, you have to put a …

Pepscan celebrates 25th anniversary

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Pepscan celebrates its 25th anniversary. The company, founded by Professor Emeritus Rob Meloen in 1996, is now the all-in-one partner in peptides. Over the coming months, we will share stories from the last two-and-a-half decades, starting with our founder, who lay the basis for an important part of Pepscan’s DNA: mastering peptides. We will also highlight how Pepscan developed the first effective peptide vaccine. In 2022, we plan to host an event to toast to 25 years of mastering peptides. …

Pepscan joins Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit

Juul Zwinkels News releases

Cancer immunotherapies stimulate the immune system to (re)gain or enhance its ability to recognize cancer cells as foreign and inhibit their proliferation or kill them. This recognition and distinction from healthy cells can be achieved because cancer cells produce aberrant forms of a variety of proteins, some of which are presented on the cell surface as tumor antigens. Neoantigens are one type of cancer antigens that arise from point or frameshift mutations in the cancerous cells and are often unique …

Meet Pepscan at CPhI Worldwide 2021

Juul Zwinkels News releases

The Pepscan team is excited to meet you in person at the upcoming edition of CPhI Worldwide in Milan, Italy (November 9-11). We will be at booth 18J51 and would be happy to discuss how Pepscan combines smart peptide science and flexible manufacturing capabilities that conform to GMP. Over the last few years, we have made tremendous efforts and investments in building our GMP capabilities at our Dutch all-in-one facility. Starting from GMP production of neoantigen vaccines at microgram scale, …

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